Poetry Jukeboxes

Poesiomat is a public jukebox with poems, lyrics, sounds and songs that are somehow related to the specific place. It‘s a talking statue. A sound memorial recording. As the crank turns, energy is produced and one of twenty recordings can be listened to. Each place has somememory which can speak through a tube.

Other sounds around are also important, like the noise of a passing bus, bird song or a crying child. All this together creates a sort of video clip. When we listen to words and look at the reflective facades, treetops and street life, the place speaks.
We are the street Piano association and we have been working with public space for over ten years. We place pianos on the street and chess boards in various corners of the city. We organise classical music concerts at the post office, the railway
station and even on rooftops.

We also invited Prague citizens to a five hundred metre-long table on Charles bridge. We enjoy it when people use the public space of the city, strike up conversations with each other and experience something unusual and extraordinary. This is our mission. Bringing people together. In the city and in the countryside.